Wednesday, 13 April 2011

space:idea generation and development

screen shots of ideas so far

vk/vodka kick inspired designs

simple and retro

all in black with opacity to let the shapes appear through each square overlapping.

trying out diffrent way with colour and style, developing from the first idea, 
which is shown in the first screen shot.
tried with different fonts.

diffrent colours but finding visually the logo is not as strong as the other designs, so will therefore not develop this design further.

starting the process of elimination.
I have chosen the strongest logos, that are working best so far, these are shown in the image below.

strongest logos with diffrent variations are chosen and to get across what space is, icons are created.
here is the development and outcome from it.

i created icons to fit with space's main use:
  • eating, 
  • drinking, -bar
  • music-live and on big speakers
  • and watching films on the big screen

icons are paired with strongest logos, to get an idea if it works together and further more the process of elimination in choosing my final logo design.

looks abit too much and is not fitting in appearance when paired with icons, if it was to work, the icons would have to be introduced in another way or created  in making a brand new design, such as below.

However after creating this, i still dont think it it working affectively and so moving on with the next now, trying other design with the icons.

not as successful as its oroginal design.

this design works in with the icons well and the most successful from the other designs.
The design on the right appears more in shape and better looking.

this then leads me to developing that logo in to experiment the way the colour can be applied and even shortening the big box to a smaller size.

choosing one of these will be my final logo.
The designs work best that have more space, fitting in with the orignal idea of the s in the corner for the space around it.
The colours work best in the same use of the one colour, they both work successfully in either the red or for low printing costs-black which work, just as affectively.

my final designs.

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