Tuesday, 26 April 2011

neg/graffitti eyes project research

i will name my neg project graffitti eyes from now on.

i have started some research in what styles and looks are used in to designs for make up artist logo designs

http://www.phrizbie-design.com/makeup_artist_logo_design.html- site that does esquisite web and graphic design, has a page on make up logo designs.

make up logos

the designs may not be perfect but they do have lots of diffrent elements, like the style of font and how its used and logos tend to use illustration along side the logo name, they also quite bold making a statement whilst some others are quite fine in type which give a modern edgy look but does not have the same outstanding look as the bold logos, which is what i will be wanting to create because of the type of make and creative outcomes Abigail creates in her outcomes created on her models.

make with similar styles and looks abagail creates:

then following on after the logo, i will look in to designs of stationary sets, continuing my research, to produce a modern, girlie look with hopefully a bit of a wow factor.

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