Tuesday, 5 April 2011

blue bridge live brief

further development lead to the my final outcome, with the symbol move to the side above the text with a left alighnment  

the brief was to design the logo as fresh brand for the students on the course of the music department that run a music company as part of their coursework at newcastle college.
Being no existing branding already, everything was from scratch with only the design requirement of staying away from bridges.
they asked for it to be called blue bridge, this could be one or 2 words and it needed to have  the word ''records" added.
The branding design with the logo will be applied to everything from t-shirts, stationary,posters etc.
this made me think about the sizing restraints and how it had work in the same way as music companies like virgin work as this brand also had to apply to all genres of music.
i find simplicity always works most affectively when branding, this is what i kept in mind whilst designing my logo and looked at current music companies logos such as sony, virigin etc

 being a logo to work effectively i thought carefully about the layout, at first i found the style and the layout of my designs working this such way as this as pictured in the top image but after some more development of the layout having the symbol moved to the side of the text and the text aligned left this seemed to represent more as record label you would see today. find this workng most successfully as in the image above.

I found that the black makes a bold statement and will stand out the most being more affectively when applied to the backs of cd cases etc but i also added in the choice of colour with the obvious choice to use blue, to link the logo to its name.
This also gives a nice outcome and still looks modern adding abit of edge but the black and white design of it works the best in terms of its design.

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