Thursday, 21 April 2011

AD109 :work based learning1

For this project I  had started it through the year doing live briefs, which meant there is sketch book with research and development to be handed in but still needed doing but more in the sense of how it would be done in the real world of the industry.
as part of this project i did 5 live briefs and a essay to follow it, covering what i have learnt and the skills i have aqcuiried and put to use in this project.

seaton sluice

For seaton sluice, they wanted their primary school logo rebranded, they wanted to recreate a image a 5 year old drawn to a more sophisticated standard.
blue bridge

space for newcastle college

ovoverall i think this project went really well, i didn't really encounter any problems, the design process ran quite smoothly and i had plenty of ideas to choose from, i tried all briefs with diffrent colours,layout and font for best results from this development.
the graffiti eyes logo was something abit diffent of which ive never really did in this style before as i did it as part illustration, and usually i kept all vector based, so this was new to me but it has come out really nice,i quite enjoyed it and it has a nice funnky but sophisticated look which my client said from her feed back and she loved it!
having revisited seaton sluice logo, it has been worth it, since keep developing it has turned out for the better than it had initially and the more skills ive aquried in the year, the better ive been able to make it work more.
the blue bridge logo was a bit harder than the others, music genre is not my kind of thing so it made it bit harder to design, especially when it has to fit all genres, so i decided on keeping it simple with no reflection to music but more to its appearance and its name with a corporate look.
For space i decided on the logo having the letter in the corner with loads of space inside in it around the letter and add symbols to show what exactly space is and that its more than just a bar.
having 2 colours used makes it stand out more and the red stands out for comfort and fun.
i learnt that logos dont have to always be vector based, they can be done by hand for a original design look  depending on the client they are deisgning for to make it fitting.
My time management has went well, i kept everything on top, following my schedule that kept me right and resulting in hitting my deadline.

SWOT Analysis

   Strengths What did I do well?:i was able to come up with diffrent design solutions for each brief which enabled me to come up with a design
   Weaknesses - What do I need to improve? need to look at more fonts, i tend to look at a few and then stick with one, however i am always getting feedback on my logos to look at more fonts before finally deciding.

   Opportunities -What do I need to do to build on my strengths and weaknesses? 
keep practising and building on my strenghts so that it comes naturally and try diffrent fonts when designing logos
   Threat - What could stop me achieving my goals?  my weaknesses as outlined


  •    Specific - Well defined:keep practising my drawing skills
  • Measurable - Know when it has been achieved:when it becomes apparent of my drawing skills being better than before
  •    Achievable – Are the goals achievable:yes if i work on this once/few times a week
  • Realistic - Within the availability of resources, knowledge and time: using different mediums and experimenting with practice should make this realistically happen
  •  Time Based - Enough time to achieve the goal: a year will show a great improvement.

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