Monday, 25 October 2010

sarah graham

sarah Graham, photorealist painter specialising in toys and sweets represented by Washington Green, Europe's leading Fine Art publishers.

Her work is out stand ably vibrant and cheerful to look at, its amazing the quality of this piece to know its not a photograph and to make it exactly like just shows sarahs pure talent.

check out sarah graham site with more of her work and to find out her method and biography

when we see sweets we generally link it to children but actually it leans towards both children and adults as i look at this and what catches my attention is the colours used how bright and eye catching they are.
this is something to think about when thinking about target audiences within my projects how something can make an impact/factor to my design just from this example being colour-powerful if used right.

sarah joncas

Sarah Joncas work is primarily narrative portraiture, but is imbued with a sense of cinematic spatiality and a contemporary noir sensibility. Influenced by artists diverse in scope as Van Eyck, Lautrec, Hopper, Varo, Mucha, and Frida Kahlo, Sarah is also greatly influenced by the newly emerging Anime scene as a child. As Anime became more pervasive in US culture, it was readily embraced for its approach of using complex narratives and emotional maturity within a cartoon framework. This use of a cartoon as a form of fine art “character” has been one of the stapes behind the Pop Surrealism scene and Sarah’s melancholy heroines are examples of the range of subtle nuances that can be achieved using that as a base despite its seeming limitations. She has exhibited her paintings in New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Rome.
check sarah joncas work out at her site. and her live journal

click for source:joncasroq

this style tellls a story, from the subjects and the stages show how its not straight forward in its design creation.

having this narrative nature of illustration is what would make a design to a poster work affectively, particularly if theres a statement trying to be made from the use of imagery, this is something i can think bout when designing a poster how this style could benefit in design, for a brief that i may get in the future that may want me to make a particular statement clearly through imagery.

2010 logo design trends

we can see the same characteristics used in each different logo with the same similarities:
a)They are a vector based graphics created using illustrator
b)they have bright and bold colour palettes mainly consisting on the same colours such as: red,blue,green,yellow, pink and some with a particial colour of black.
c)Majority of these logos are not accompanied with the company/brand name using on the imagery for the logo.

source:just creative design

alot of the logos use bright colours and use overlapping/linking in to each other or use a symbol shaped in to something as something to remember as a mark.
Some of the designs are simple but still make a statement from their statement whilst others are alot more complex and their detail may not show up well as the simple designs do,

This shows me that when designing logos that the logos designs that work best, are the ones that are kept simple and have a symbol with them to make them more rememberable. 

Friday, 22 October 2010

Darren baker

His paintings are award winning and have made him the artist of choice for international art collectors and his work hangs in both public and private places such as the house of lordes, downing street and st.james palace.

He also has been appointed an official artist to the olympic games 2012 in london.

Darren insight to his technique:

"i have been developing and refining my painting technique for over a decade.
my chief medium is a substance called liquin which i glaze the oil paint in acute fine layers, rendering paint strokes almost invisible.
The liquin allows me to work translucent layers giving me a unbelievably control over the paint to create to create detail and colour blends, and leading to the appearance which i describe as "hyper-realism"

 Source:whitewall magazine spring 2009

His work is virtual reality as he creates paintings that make you have a second look as the fine quality of his painting is to such a high standard, you think it is actually a photograph and makes you doubt it has been created with paint.

this shows me that if you work hard on something, you can make something unbelievable and stand out with techniques that are similar to what i can use when working in practice.

Sarah Jane Szikora

Sarah Jane Szikora Biography

As a child, Sarah Jane Szikora kept herself amused by drawing & painting. She frequently visited her father's native Hungary where the larger than life people she encountered became an early influence for the characters she painted. After school Sarah Jane Szikora went on to study at Cleveland College of Art, leaving with an HND (Distinction). In 1991 Sarah Jane Szikora set up her own business making papier-mache figures, but it was painting to which she returned, her works being published as limited editions, greetings cards & jigsaws.

Sarah Jane Szikora's aim is most definitely not to ridicule but promote the idea of a society that likes itself and where her people, the ladies especially, are confident positive characters, comfortable with their bodies. Sarah Jane Szikora draws her ideas from observing people and human behaviour. Sarah Jane Szikora is very serious about her work, but most of all she wants to make people smile.

I love sarah's work its original and amusing with lots of intricate detail, that she has created her own personal style that is reflect in every piece of her work. this is something i hope to produce in my future projects, my own personal style developed with detail, to be recognised as my own work from its appearance.

here is the original source with range of her paintings. and more on little more info on sarah at this link.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

katie daisy

Katie Daisy is a illustrator, originally from illinois and is inspired greatly by rural life.         Her work is illustrative and typographic with bright and beautiful watercolours, that result in a delicate, contemporary feel. 
Katie's work has also been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, Chronicle Books, HOW Magazine, CMYK Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn, and Stampington's Artful Blogging Magazine. 
Check her work out, its inspirational:

i hope i can produce some illustrations in the year with water colours for a project, to get more practice in with the medium and not create something straight off a Mac that tends to happen more now than it use to, so i would like to keep practice of producing something raw and original like katie daisys work, aswell as being nice and bright to look and being refreshing because of it.

AD105 Art and Design method1

Add Monsters vs. humans, role reversal arcade idea, for my first representation for a virtual reality poster.

Reality inside virtual reality as a retro 1980's gaming graphic style idea, for my second representation for a virtual poster.
In this project i enjoyed seeing my ideas being lifted from rough sketch in to final stage, like i am seeing them really coming to life from the development of my pages and i didnt know the outcome would be, this project made me really think of what is virtual reality, as it has done in my ideas which is reflected upon my research.
There are many ways of portraying virtual reality, i did rough sketch/writing down my idea then choosing the strongest two, using this i was able expand this in to two groups and create different ideas branching from this. 
As a result i found my gaming idea the strongest, so i choose my arcade idea which i had slightly changed when it went through the development process, to suit the idea trying to be conveyed, as the text did not match the title of the game (virtual reality) being too obvious for use.
I found this a bit tricky as it had to be more subtle, work with the screen text and be clever about it, so to resolve this, i needed to really think the idea and the fitting of the name with it in a brain storm, which as result made me think of the the arcade game 'space invaders' and the idea of the poster being role reversal in virtual reality, i named it 'human invasion', and the text on screen was changed to 'monsters are taking over human... 
monster population...11,523
human population.. 00001

with this you can see the monster playing the arcade game aswell, which visually supposts the representation of the idea with the text. 

I think as a result of really working on the development it has turned out, better than i had thought it would in my mind.

I also produced a second idea that i also decided to present as a second final piece.
the idea was basically my self and the reality world seen in the virtual world by creating the old retro gaming graphics that was seen in the 1980's with it mimicking mario for the sense of virtuality and the scenery would be of newcastle with the character being played as myself, so that this would give the sense of reality.

This was created in illustrator by using the square grid, and using the square in the shape tool and using four squares of the grid as one pixel and i would use this same size through out with block colours and no outline.
To help with the retro feel more, a black background was added and the text added had the font changed to fatal fury black, which i found on and fit perfectly with the appearance and idea.
I did not know the square grid had existed in illustrator until this and i also was not sure how to go about creating this style in illustrator, so doing this idea was new to me and i have acquired knowledge and skills taken in the creation of this piece.

overall i think with the brief being such an easy subject, it was easy to research and as a result worked quite successfully Also with the subject matter, it was a brief that you could easily relate to with some basic knowlegde of it already before even starting the research which meant, it was a easy project with no aspect of it that i did not enjoy.

I think my time management went well, as i had kept on target and finished the day before the deadline resulting in hitting internal deadlines as a result.

  • Strengths - What did I do well?: my illustration of the arcade and how it all pulled together with each part of the design is meaningful and well thought out.
  • i completed two final designs.
  • Weaknesses What do I need to improve? if i had done more development i could of attained a higher grade.
  • Opportunities What do I need to do to build on my strengths and weaknesses? keep an open mind to more than one choice of a final outcome design and do more development
  • Threat What could stop me achieving my goals? if i don't build on doing more work in to research and development 


  •    Specific - Well defined:i want to achieve a merit
  • Measurable Know when it has been achieved:  do more development and research on the subject.
  •    Achievable  Are the goals achievable: yes if i keep working on my project.
  • Realistic - Within the availability of resources, knowledge and time:if i work on it as much as possible, producing more research and development than before, trying to push the limit and working my time management right.
  •  Time Based - Enough time to achieve the goal:hopeful at the end of the next project if not i will continue to do so.