Monday, 25 October 2010

sarah joncas

Sarah Joncas work is primarily narrative portraiture, but is imbued with a sense of cinematic spatiality and a contemporary noir sensibility. Influenced by artists diverse in scope as Van Eyck, Lautrec, Hopper, Varo, Mucha, and Frida Kahlo, Sarah is also greatly influenced by the newly emerging Anime scene as a child. As Anime became more pervasive in US culture, it was readily embraced for its approach of using complex narratives and emotional maturity within a cartoon framework. This use of a cartoon as a form of fine art “character” has been one of the stapes behind the Pop Surrealism scene and Sarah’s melancholy heroines are examples of the range of subtle nuances that can be achieved using that as a base despite its seeming limitations. She has exhibited her paintings in New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Rome.
check sarah joncas work out at her site. and her live journal

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this style tellls a story, from the subjects and the stages show how its not straight forward in its design creation.

having this narrative nature of illustration is what would make a design to a poster work affectively, particularly if theres a statement trying to be made from the use of imagery, this is something i can think bout when designing a poster how this style could benefit in design, for a brief that i may get in the future that may want me to make a particular statement clearly through imagery.

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