Friday, 22 October 2010

Darren baker

His paintings are award winning and have made him the artist of choice for international art collectors and his work hangs in both public and private places such as the house of lordes, downing street and st.james palace.

He also has been appointed an official artist to the olympic games 2012 in london.

Darren insight to his technique:

"i have been developing and refining my painting technique for over a decade.
my chief medium is a substance called liquin which i glaze the oil paint in acute fine layers, rendering paint strokes almost invisible.
The liquin allows me to work translucent layers giving me a unbelievably control over the paint to create to create detail and colour blends, and leading to the appearance which i describe as "hyper-realism"

 Source:whitewall magazine spring 2009

His work is virtual reality as he creates paintings that make you have a second look as the fine quality of his painting is to such a high standard, you think it is actually a photograph and makes you doubt it has been created with paint.

this shows me that if you work hard on something, you can make something unbelievable and stand out with techniques that are similar to what i can use when working in practice.

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