Friday, 22 October 2010

Sarah Jane Szikora

Sarah Jane Szikora Biography

As a child, Sarah Jane Szikora kept herself amused by drawing & painting. She frequently visited her father's native Hungary where the larger than life people she encountered became an early influence for the characters she painted. After school Sarah Jane Szikora went on to study at Cleveland College of Art, leaving with an HND (Distinction). In 1991 Sarah Jane Szikora set up her own business making papier-mache figures, but it was painting to which she returned, her works being published as limited editions, greetings cards & jigsaws.

Sarah Jane Szikora's aim is most definitely not to ridicule but promote the idea of a society that likes itself and where her people, the ladies especially, are confident positive characters, comfortable with their bodies. Sarah Jane Szikora draws her ideas from observing people and human behaviour. Sarah Jane Szikora is very serious about her work, but most of all she wants to make people smile.

I love sarah's work its original and amusing with lots of intricate detail, that she has created her own personal style that is reflect in every piece of her work. this is something i hope to produce in my future projects, my own personal style developed with detail, to be recognised as my own work from its appearance.

here is the original source with range of her paintings. and more on little more info on sarah at this link.

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