Tuesday, 19 October 2010

katie daisy

Katie Daisy is a illustrator, originally from illinois and is inspired greatly by rural life.         Her work is illustrative and typographic with bright and beautiful watercolours, that result in a delicate, contemporary feel. 
Katie's work has also been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, Chronicle Books, HOW Magazine, CMYK Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn, and Stampington's Artful Blogging Magazine. 
Check her work out, its inspirational: http://www.katiedaisy.net/

i hope i can produce some illustrations in the year with water colours for a project, to get more practice in with the medium and not create something straight off a Mac that tends to happen more now than it use to, so i would like to keep practice of producing something raw and original like katie daisys work, aswell as being nice and bright to look and being refreshing because of it.

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  1. hay dolly,
    your fancy display of pretty pictures
    makes my little tummy flutter.
    love your blog to pieces.
    I'll enjoy admiring it form afar! x