Tuesday, 22 March 2011

4 local design companies in tyne and wear


“make a difference”
In just over ten years Different has evolved from just four blokes  with one client and no staff, to a creative force which currently stands at 45. They have offices located in Newcastle and London.
They are an award winning design agency, and have become one of the biggest in the North-East.
What they do…
social media direct marketing TV print and radio digital content branding advertising

CLIENT:NHS Smoking and Pregnancy
The brief was to encourage pregnant mums to quit smoking for the sake of their baby's health without preaching.

A key objective was to raise awareness of recently launched smoking cessation services designed especially for pregnant mums – awareness and uptake had been low previously due to lack of engagement.

Drummond Central Newcastle

Founded in 2004
A strategic marketing, creative and digital agency that researches, plans, creates and delivers, readying your brand striving for perfection.

What they do…
advertising research and planning direct marketing communications digital design copywriting

2010/11 football season TV ad
“A lot can change in 90 minutes”
bet365 is at the heart of In-Play betting. Featuring Ray Winstone standing in a stadium, our ad
talks about how a lot can change in ninety minutes. As we near the end of the ad, the stadium
has transformed into the bet365 logo. The ad is part live footage and part CGI and took four months to complete - we're very pleased with the result.


3 Solution group
solution group 

Who they are:
Local Graphic design company from Gateshead that provide clients with design, illustration, art direction, photography and writing.
they employ multi talented staff and run their operations on the basis that their clients come to them for a return on their investment that's way better than average.
They have worked with some big national brands and have won many awards from their own and other industries each year.

CLIENT:The sage:gateshead
The design for an out-there contemporary music festival at the Sage Gateshead was to produce the Music Lover's Field Guide, complete with a specially designed typeface that suggested something experimental was going on.
it communicates successfully with one of the hardest-to-reach sectors of the listening community.
Being quite a coprorate company design based this is something that this company is quite familiar with and easy target, with the final outcome, it Shows how successful and affectively the design and final outcome have actually worked.


Who they are:
Keltie Cochrane is a creative partnership, that provide clients with Websites, posters, creative copy, illustration, branding, brochures, animated films – they reckon they can create whatever you name it being passionate, professional and practical.
Being a small local company with 4 creatives:
IAN KELTIE-Creative Partner – Design
JASON COCHRANE-Creative Partner – Interactive
RICHARD JEFFERSON- Creative Partner - Advertising & Marketing
NICOLA RICKELTON-Designer - Web & Print

  • CLIENT:Codeworks gateshead council

The brief was to create the branding, microsite and marketing material for Popcorn, a digital film festival in Gateshead.
With being big movie fans,  and creating the branding for the Gateshead Digital Summer’s film festival, they named it in honour of their cinematic snack of choice – popcorn.
The Popcorn microsite had to appeal to everyone from kids to teens and adults, so they created something that was fun and informative.
The design has turned out quite successfully being instantly caputuring and fun appealing with the characters and the bright colours used against the black background.

Time plan of action

Monday 21st March-25th March 2011

planning time out for the week and the goals that needed to be achieved in this time,

Morning- sketch out more ideas of the label for the blue bridge music logo.
Afternoon- take the strongest ideas that have been sketched out, i will develop the logo by taking the next step and working with the strongest logos on the screen now,in illustrator.

Morning-developing the logo designs and narrowing the ideas down the design process of whats , as different fonts and layouts are being experimented with.
Afternoon-following on development of experimenting diffrent fonts and looking at the sizing of current logos to get the size, look and appearance correct.

Morning-norrowing the design to a final decision of which logo that will be used and just tweaking the design and the logo and any last alterations.
Afternoon-same as the morning, carrying this on with the finalisation to be ready for presentation on thursday

Morning-showing final design of music logo to client
Afternoon-carry on with double page spread of the v-festival, need to take more grass photos and drawing grass to see which works more affectively in the background.

Morning-show development of thursday afternoon with screen shots as part of my development of double page spread and follow on.
Afternoon-any unfinished annotation to be revised and completed to be up to date with everything.

Monday, 7 March 2011

The back and forth drawing with friend project.

i came across this project on a blog called paper monster to which i found to be aspiring and interesting, so much so it had me convince to try it sometime.

so here it is:

Project 002: Mike Perry

One minute back and forth drawing with friend(s).

November 10th, 2009
Paper Monster recently invited Mike Perry to come up with our second project and we are excited to forward it on to you guys. 
"When asked to do this project I knew exactly whom I wanted to collaborate with. So while visiting Jim Stoten in England we sat down and made this drawing. You can too..."
  • Find a friend that you want to make a drawing with.
  • Get a piece of paper and a stop watch (optional).
  • While one of you is drawing the other times you for 1 minute. After 1 minute stop and pass the drawing to your collaborator.
  • Let the time fly. All the while keeping track of how much time has passed.
  • The most important step. Have fun.
Other ideas. Choose any amount of time. What happens if you trade every 30 sec. or you work on a larger paper and trade every day. Really the possibilities are endless. Maybe each of you use different tools. Each of you use different color pens. Or add more people. What would happen if there where 5 people playing. And of course my favorite what happens if you drink while playing.... Endless.

will post my outcome sometime, once i've tried this.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

freelance brief:branding for a make up artist

freelance brief:branding for a make up artist, this will include logo and stationary set complete with business card,letter head, and compliment slip

the client is for abagail mua known as graffitti eyes on her facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/GraffitiEyesMUA

she has asked for the design to be something like this:


with a make up pattern inside or around it, i think this may be too much and she wants simple, so this may be used in a diffrent alternative or none to make it more affective.

so far i have drawn some rough ideas on this, and i will be illustrating the design myself aswell.

will post more update when progress has been made etc.