Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Time plan of action

Monday 21st March-25th March 2011

planning time out for the week and the goals that needed to be achieved in this time,

Morning- sketch out more ideas of the label for the blue bridge music logo.
Afternoon- take the strongest ideas that have been sketched out, i will develop the logo by taking the next step and working with the strongest logos on the screen now,in illustrator.

Morning-developing the logo designs and narrowing the ideas down the design process of whats , as different fonts and layouts are being experimented with.
Afternoon-following on development of experimenting diffrent fonts and looking at the sizing of current logos to get the size, look and appearance correct.

Morning-norrowing the design to a final decision of which logo that will be used and just tweaking the design and the logo and any last alterations.
Afternoon-same as the morning, carrying this on with the finalisation to be ready for presentation on thursday

Morning-showing final design of music logo to client
Afternoon-carry on with double page spread of the v-festival, need to take more grass photos and drawing grass to see which works more affectively in the background.

Morning-show development of thursday afternoon with screen shots as part of my development of double page spread and follow on.
Afternoon-any unfinished annotation to be revised and completed to be up to date with everything.

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  1. Has rachel extended the deadline for the magizine layout?