Monday, 11 April 2011

live brief:space bar branding redesign.

For this brief iam rebranding space bar.


________________________________________________________________ Creative Brief
Space Bar ________________________________________________________________
Background - Why are we doing this?:

In August 2010 Creative Industries took over the running of Space bar in a new initiative and a joint project with the Lifestyle Academy, with the aim of providing an excellent Real Working Environment for HE student attending Newcastle College.

Therefore we believe that it needs a creative  overhaul as the current Brand seems dated and do not get any real messages across to our target market.

Who are we talking to?:
  • 18 years + Higher Education Students.
  • Students that have never used Space Bar before.

What do they think about the brand/service?:

Space is currently used by a core group of returning customers predominately between the hours of 11 and 3pm for food and relaxation between classes.

Not a lot of students realise that the Bar is there and that they can use it not only as a place to relax but as a venue they can use to put on any kinds of events from Live Music to Cinema Events and so many others in-between.  Any events put on by Students can be used towards their work experience modules.

What is the proposition?: 
  • To promote the use of Space Bar as the ‘go to’ place on campus.
  • To promote to external clients as a good alternative to any  place they can hire in Newcastle.

Key messages:
  • Space Bar is a ‘go to’ place on campus.
  • It’s the HE Students ‘Own’ Space.
  • Ran in conjunction with Students for Students
  • It’s a relaxing environment during the day but comes to life on a night time.

What is this true? (Substantiation): 
  • Space Bar is the only Bar on Campus. 
  • It’s a Real Working Environment that Students can gain Real Experience. 
  • Its Industry ready meaning that has quality Sound, lighting and tech.

Tone of voice:
The bar is aimed at Higher Education Students.

Over 18s only /Challenge 21

Creative starter:
A place for Students 

current logo that is seen in posters/flyers for space bar being used.

contemporary and fun with young feel it.
something like this but made simple would be nice to try out.

some inspirational logo designs to get the creative juices flowing and to help carry out some research before putting pencil to paper.
looking closely at some of these, they have significant detail so simple you may miss it at a glance, but looking carefully, you can see how neat the design is worked in to the font like the 'human' logo is an example of this.

Snooty peacock a favourite logo design of mine so far with the clever use of white space, imaginatively created to create 2 images worked in together.
 interesting concept and original design.

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