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live briefs and web compitition


What we do
Well, if you were keeping it short, if you were writing it on the side of a pencil, for example, you’d probably say something like: D&AD exists to inform, educate and inspire those who work in and around the creative industries.
But really, that’s not the half of it.

Let’s start with the pencils. The annual D&AD Awards are recognized throughout the world. They set the absolute reference standard for creative excellence. A yellow pencil on your desk will get gasps of admiration. And a black pencil?  Well, they’ll probably erect a statue of you in the town square. 

And these Awards have left a considerable legacy – an archive of five decades of the best and most innovative creative work, available online for access at anytime by anyone in need of ideas, inspiration, or simply something wonderful to look at. 

Then there’s the Education Department, committed to supporting and nurturing creative professionals throughout their careers, be they in agencies or galleries, corporate cathedrals or working on a corner of the kitchen table. Our Student Programme provides a vital link into industry for emerging talent.  The Student Awards (same pencil, only smaller) launches careers, and our pioneering approach to Continuing Professional Development ensures that creative talent will respond imaginatively to whatever the future throws at it.  

this is for students and designers to their chance to get invovle in design compititons and get their work out their.
the images above are some of the options to choose from, with the sections of the design that you may specialise to choose from before reading the brief, making it easier to navigate and choose the right competition that is suitable  for myself.


Established in 2001, YCN today produces design, advertising and all else in-between; both for its own projects and ventures, and on behalf its various clients.
A group of designers, art directors, strategists, writers, illustrators and project managers work together at 72 Rivington Street in London. We're always recruiting, and also run an ongoing internship programme. The latest openings are published here.
YCN also represents a huge international roster of illustrators, moving image designers and other creative practitioners - promoting their work and facilitating commissions day to day. Through our longstanding award programmes we are able to identify the best emerging talent from around the world, and welcome it into our network. If you'd like to work with YCN on creative projects, some further details can be found below.

it mainly consistes of students working on the live briefs it has gathered from well known brands big and small to work, offering a variety of many diffrent design opportunies to choose from aswell as big prizes.

The Northern Design Competition plays an important role in creating and sustaining links between education and commerce in the creative sector. It provides entrants with a real opportunity to showcase their work in a competitive environment where it will be judged by professionals and exhibited to future employers.
The competition is at the heart of a new network in the North. It provides greater access to communication between the existing and future leaders of creative arts outside of London and opens up new and vital collaborative opportunities between business, education and the wider community.
The Northern Design Competition is inspired by the vision of Leeds Met Governor, Maurice Miller. It is a competition that rewards talented students across the north of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for their work in the creative arts. There are three short-listed finalists in each category who will be invited to attend a special awards event to receive their prize. Last years event (shown above) was presented by the BBC’s Harry Gration.

they are sectioned in to catagories of working field i.e graphic design, photography,illutsration and so on...
this is the page for the graphic design

Brief: This category invites original submissions ranging from outstanding single image designs to full corporate branding projects or marketing campaigns.

the brief for this site currently is:
The judges are looking for submissions with high visual impact and accomplished detailing. Entries that demonstrate an understanding of a broad range of software tools will score highly but entries that are accompanied by a good explanation of the concept and strategic thinking behind the piece will do even better. An excellent rationale that explains the intended use of the work and how and where it would be located will provide the judges with a better understanding of the projects purpose.
It will also allow them to asses how appropriate the piece is for its intended audience.
Submitted work should be well presented both through use of language and imagery.

has 20 years experience in graphic design, she blogs about her work and design aswell as submitting competitions.

"The Roses Advertising Awards began as a creative competition between Yorkshire and Lancashire and in 1999 The Carnyx Group took over the management of the event, promoting it to the readership of its marketing title The Drum. 
Now in its 31st year, the event covers the English regions, Scotland and Ireland and is the largest and most established creative event outside London.  
Categories cover all areas of the creative spectrum from press, radio and television/cinema to outdoor, direct mail, digital craft and more.  
Each year creatives from top London agencies gather to judge the work and decide won the gold, silver and bronze winners.
This year the judging panel so far includes creatives from Ogilvy, RKCR/Y&R, Karmarama, Ogilvy, Lowe London and CHI & Partners
For entrants the awards are an opportunity to prove how creative and innovative they can be and to gain the recognition and publicity they deserve.."

The roses deign awards have yet to release a new brief, as they bring a new bring to their site every so often and the current one is in waiting.

Each year penguin holds competitions for students to design book jackets of choices of categories to choose from the childs and adults, you can design for either of them or both if wished to do so.
i designed for the childrens catagorie, which for this year this was to design for
"james and the giant peach"
submitting to this competition was easy, simply i had to sign up and upload my design affixed to on the template given when designing it and upload as pdf in the upload bar, 

 some interesting competitions from this site are :

Poster For Tomorrow 2011


United Nations No To Violence Against Women


Each competition they hold are completely different the only downside is that most of the ones on the site have the rules of that they want you to submit a piece of your work that has been designed for mass marketing of a actual client or something that was designed for a real client but didnt quite make out as being a student, with designs being done in college and not for an actual client. apart from this there are a few interesting brief of which i do qualify for, allowing proffesionals,student and even the public to join in, giving awidespread of people of which i could be upagainst with diffrent and mixed fields people being upagainst, making this quite interesting and competitive which is always a good thing.

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