Friday, 15 April 2011

pentagram:process of creating a logo

In a new video for The Atlantic, Michael Bierut talks about the process of creating a logo for the New World Symphony, the Miami orchestral academy that recently moved into a stunning new campus designed by Frank Gehry. The video accompanies “Project: First Drafts,” a special feature in The Atlantic.

this shows how a logo is not straight forward to create, and one idea can turn in to many other routes of its design, following trial and error in the processes.
it shows how design does not have to take inspiration from something visual, as pentagram show this as they use the shape of the sound waves created from music.

this shows me, the process of design is not straight forward, if i want to create a logo that is original and effective, i have to explore it well and in depth for the best results and that i can look at anything, it doesn't necessarily have to be design related, when i look at something for inspiration.

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