Sunday, 24 April 2011

AD109 Work Based Learning 1: neg project idea

previously in march i said i would do identity branding for a make up artist- abagail mua also know as graffitti eyes, however with not enough free time i didnt have the chance to do so and so i thought this would be a good opportunity to tie in and do as my nec project of work based learning and it ties in with some other branding i have done that will contribute towards work based learning, so it should work in well together.

my plan is to design a personal logo for abagail mua  that shows her skill as a make up/special affects artitst and produce a stationary set after the logo is decided on.

these are some of her works she has done for clients for photoshoots.
from these photos you can clearly see her creative and artistic abaility as a make up artist that shows no limit.

i will look forward to start working on this!

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