Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Typography essay

Today I made a start on my typography essay, 
i decided to write mine on the history of typography-from the last century to now since there is a big resource on this particular statement which will be easy to write aswell as being interested in typography from now to then of how its changed, making this a approachable and easy target to write and easily hit the 3,000 word count.

This will be my proposed keypoints i will be using to write my essay:
  • ·      How typography has changed
    ·      How affairs has changed it
    o   the times how its impact of the to change to typography,
    o    why?
    ·      Has typography changed For better or for worse?
    ·      Evolution of typography
    ·      The impact of how typography has changed
    ·      The methods and mediums used
    ·      The Typographic design trends used in the last century to now 
    ·      Research will be found in books, internet, videos and will be researched on this points 
    ·      Facts, quotes and references as evidence to include

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