Tuesday, 1 February 2011

10 Typographic Designers

reviewing the works of 10 typographic Designers 

One. Alan kitching

alan is renowned today for his expressive use of wood and metal letterforms in creating visuals for commissions and limited edition prints, he is now considered one of the world’s

foremost practitioners of letterpress typographic design and printmaking. 

He has this certain style that he has continued to use over the years which has stayed the same.
font face is always bold practically the same font used on each of his works, but what makes his work stand out over all is how he uses a printing press which is a rare object to be seen today and how affective this is in his work, as it gives his pieces a real raw print with the like texture to the ink because of the light and dark tones its produces inside the letters.
how he uses the composition with his works giving this particular appearance of his medium used makes it overall very modern, trendy, bold and old school press printing being reinvented

Two. mike perry

                                         Holiday Zine 2009 from Michael Perry on Vimeo.

He is Typographer as illustrator 
and i just love how unusual,imaginavtive,raw,quirky hand drawn feel and creative his typography is.
i've come across mike before as i've took out a book from the library a few years ago, 
which happens to be a book he did with all his typographic design, 
its called 'handjob' and its all solely by him. check it out 
he just doodles and actually have them with potential every time to make them work.
The type is usually always bright and colourful and illustrative being more of a decoration font style than a standard type font, which is what makes his style successful as he turns the font in to a full blown illustration which is purely hand drawn and then turned in to a vector graphic. it can consist of a alot of detail, throughly used, even in the most simplest piece, we can see it there too aswell as alot of love and patience in to them all. 

Three. Neville brody

nevilles typography works tend rather to be standard font that could be used for everyday use 
or titles if pleased, because, as of it being simple but very legible apart from one or two fonts as an exception to this and would only categorised as a decoration font.
his fonts are created in the late 1980's-early 1990's but particulary the example font above feels more like fitting to the 50's eara because of being similar to the other fonts that was used in that period however they do also have appeal of this, which is sometimes found to be used modernly today.
He designed 24 fonts each having common similarities like being sans serif and bold.

Four. David Carson

David type style is very grungy, which this particular style is his trademark,as of the 1990's people didnt really use this style and said it would not last long, but mike is, which you could say the inventor of this style and is still used today, particularly if a designer does not want to show a clean sleek font, they always resort to this style as it always conveys the feel opposite to this.
His type seems to be used intersecting or overlapping other letters or words and sometimes having this press print look because of the texture shown of the font and noticeable alot of the time the fonts are quite bold.

Five. Herb Lubalin

i love herb lubins typography!
modern and its own unique style, cursive letterforms or bold and round with the letter forms tails sweeping off and across.
His work is inspirational and unique to his own style like the font avant garde, a simple font similar to arial but manipulated to an angle on the characters, so fitting together like in a sense of a jigsaw, the way they pefectly fit in together at that shape. Being this makes it unique, i've not a font like this before but i like it, its contemporary and has a stylish classy feel.
just like his other fonts he designed and created, they are each have a unique, classy and serious feel and prominant/bold appearance.

Six. Eric Gill

His most famous typeface

a typical eric gill illustration with typography
eric gill a typographer from the early 1900's.
responsible for some of the standard type we use today.
simple and basic san serif font  but useable for everyday, 
being quite a successful font that still looks modern.
His works where quite biblical and sexual and where always practically done in black and white.
the type he uses in his illustrations uses flourishes off the characters, similar to todays style trends like 
sci-scott uses.

Seven. Robert Brown John
watching words move, 1959
Robert uses typeography to create imagery, like a 'play on' sort of speak with imagery being used in the text to read it and almost like reading visually as a image and type together as two senses joining together as one in his designs to read his typography like the example above shows.
His typography is bold but simple and uses alot of sans serif, this makes it easily legible, friendly and modern

Eight. stefan sagmeister

graphic designer and typographer, sagmesiter devoted to typography went as far as etching his own typography quite literally in to his own body from shoulders to hips.
he uses type to shape around the imagery or uses the environment as his canvas to shape his letterforms and create typography quite literally from like a bush as an example. 
He is quite quirky about how/where he creates his type, like there is no boundaries for him to find and use anything as his canvas, i think by doing these things, he wants to try and typography as far as he can and do things to be diffrent from other typographers, to give his own unique style and creative thinking.
one common style in his typography i find he uses alot is, his own handwriting being  freehand and no guidance it comes naturally and unique to use by him, fine stroke and uppercase words mixed with lowercase joined up letters and some drawn like bubble bubble writing to make it more outstanding and prominent on the page. 


Beautiful is one word to use to sum her work up.
bright and colourful using only paper to make her creations.
she delicately cuts and curls paper in three-dimensional paper sculptures.
This is a style that i believe is quite unique, quite so being own unique style and shows she is talented in sense of her creations requiring skill and patience to get the sizes of the paper right, fit together and shape the paper in to how she visualises each piece of paper to build the overall outcome.
They always have a elegant and delicate appearance creating a distinctive type.
its nice how she can use the curls inside the outline of the character and have the curls sweep through or just have it with the curls being the fill and sweep out a but, giving a bit of variation.

Ten. Sebastien Cuypers

New york based Illustrator and typographer.
His work features a suburban like feel and is vector based.
they are done purely for decoration and certainly make and statement and stand out.
uses similar style to alex trochut, the way sebastian links the words together and make the font have a illustrative outlook.
His pieces have a young adult, fresh appeal and are todays current trend, seen in magazines,posters etc. basically anywhere that is wanting to grab your attention, which as this style does as its outstanding being bold and a bit in your face.

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