Tuesday, 15 February 2011

AD104 Theory and Context-Typoography

Project Reflection

For this project there was no development or final to create other than to create an outcome of a finished 3,000 word essay based on typography.

So with the essay having to be on typography and having the choice to choose of anything in particular based on typography, 
i had decided to chose to write about the history behind it in the 
1900's-1990's since i thought it would be interesting to see how diffrent and how far typography has come from each decade of a century.

the structure of my essay changed abit from how i had first set it at the beginning of my essay, to suit my writting and make answering the content and aswell as asnwering the statement of the essay.
This is how my Appendix has turned out.

·      Introduction
·      In the beginning of the 20th century typography

·      Decades after:The evolution of typography-
 this will include the following aswell:

·      Typographic design trends used- How typography has changed
·      Influential typographers typographers 
·      How affairs have changed typography.
·      Conclusion

i took alot of my research from the internet being that its of ease to find articles/websites on the subject and being so many sources with the information i need.
to keep my research as a variety i also used a book call typo:when,who,where which give me a background to each decade aswell as the notes that i had during presentation on typography in class this being my secondary research.

my primary research is my own thoughts and opinions taken from the secondary research, which i found from the books, e-books,  the internet and notes that i made in class during presentation on typography.

Although my secondary research is not facts nor fiction, there is nothing i found to be solid fact but merely suggestions and statements, about the culture,typography and typographers of the decades.

looking back at my progress and time management, i think that, i have done well as i finished my essay the before the deadline and i have spent alot of time working on my essay, adding to it constantly so much so that i find i need to cut it down, so that it ensures it will fit in with the word count.
I think being my second real long length essay i have ever written and considering the fact that i am not confident nor look forward to the idea of writing an essay, i would say i have done quite well.

I found the essay a little bit difficult after writting my introduction but i soon got going and it eased the difficulty after that.

These will be my targets and improvements to make for my next project to try and achieve on:

 SWOT Analysis

   StrengthsWhat did I do well?: time management and had alot research to support my response and findings against my essays title. 
   WeaknessesWhat do I need to improve? not enough confidence in myself, this could slow me down after being so critical and contemplating if i put enough or the right content in to my work especially like this project, that involves writting essays as of essays i feel not being my strongest point
   Opportunities -What do I need to do to build on my strengths and weaknesses? i need to have more confidence in myself and be less critical and know that if i try hard it will be alright as i will of made the right decision 
   ThreatWhat could stop me achieving my goals? my weaknesses 


  •    Specific - Well defined:need to work on being abit more confident and little abit more self assured about what i am producing in to my work
  • Measurable - Know when it has been achieved: i will feel more confident because i will be more self assured than before and not content plating.
  •    AchievableAre the goals achievable:yes if i work on it as much as possible
  • Realistic - Within the availability of resources, knowledge and time: i will do this from my own knowledge of how i will improve on this, with time,effort and self determination to do it, each time i approach my coursework.
  •  Time Based - Enough time to achieve the goal:next project or the next project after that should give me enough time to be abit more confident

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