Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Reflection on my designs so far

Here i am reviewing my graphic design project finals, up to this date.

looking back at them i think that i have achieved a standard higher that would be considered to be at a professional level this is something i have been trying to perfect for a few years and now achieving that, i am happy with my final outcomes, this proves, practices makes perfect, something which i will plan to continue thorough out future projects and try and better my ideas and designs as much as possible.

I have a learnt a lot in these past months since starting september, i am refining my designs more than i had before, giving results that have turned out better than i had initially thought.
i have designed items/outcomes that i have never done before and have gained more skills that have allowed me produce a better quality outcome, i.e i have bettered my illustrator skills and the pen tool, that allowed me to created my posters for the students unions, in vector graphics.

I have managed time quite well around working all weekends and producing a good standard to my sketch book, working on my project as much as possible and sometimes i even finished a day before the hand in date.

I like all my designs but my most favourite design is my chefs academy and virtual  reality project.

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