Tuesday, 8 February 2011

chefs academy:the client

Previously earlier in my blog, i had posted the final piece of my chefs academy and today the client came to see my design, she seemed to really like it and i told her about the design and that its simple,the colours being classy to suit the restaurant and how the pattern of the logo could work to be integrated as a design in to the room,

(more to read under the design at the bottom)

Heres a reminder of my design, which was shown today to the client:
to scale images upclose,click to englarge :)
It out of the class for the designs to be chosen, so my competition is out of about 20 but i know i worked really hard on really refining the design that it had took a turn, where the design had turned out better than i had anticipated at the beginning of my ideas generation.
Hope my design gets picked, its one of my strengths of design this area and it would be really nice to have a printed piece and have my design used by the college and walk past and say its MY design being used :D
i dont know  when the chosen design is going to be announced but i hope its soon, 
im abit excited to find out, 
wish me good luck :)


  1. Ahhh this is the first time I've seen this! LOVE it
    Well done

  2. aww THANKS :D im glad you like it!

  3. good luck hunni :) you worked hard on this and its shows :)