Wednesday, 17 November 2010

seaton sluice first school logo

we where asked to design a logo design that will be used on school uniform then this will later be applied to the rest of the schools branding, i.e its website,business cards,letter heads etc.
The restrictions of the logo where to keep it similar to a design they had chosen of which a child at the school had drawn, so that meant keep a rosette in the design and that the logo would be applied to jumpers would be a deep purple colour and polo shirts which would be white, so i kept this in mind and came up with this design.

this was to follow the thought of it being a first school, so the illustration was kept simple and having the 2 children together would have the working together and because they are showing a sign of the name of the school, they are showing that they are proud to be part of the school.

However after showing this to the class, the feedback that i had got was that the rosette was nice but in the center of the rosette it was to much and that the name of the school is somewhat not clear or standing out. so i went back and took the center out and developed the center based on a typographical approach this time.
I then came up with having the 2 larger point size letter "s" for the seaton and the sluice of the word and then having "first school" at the bottom of this.
This result much better out come as being clearer, outstanding and simpler and having the font rounded, keeps it childlike look i was goin for in the first place, making the logo this time round much more affective and successful.
Final outcome of the seaton sluice first school logo.

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