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AD103:Research task 4:review a website.


A staunchly independent boutique brand design agency that's on to its 25th year business of making brands famous. 

They thrive on the demands of working on the most challenging of branding projects and over the last six years, SMEs have presented them with some of our most ambitious but ultimately satisfying experiences in brand design.
they have helped a number of businesses accelerate their growth by providing the kind of branding and support at an early stage that they would not normally be able to afford until much further along in their development.
(source:word from its own website)

This company does some pretty original creative  thinking in to their work, using mixed media and digitals built in to the portfolio, like the first image with that branding uses body paint on their hands to create animals with quite some detail in to it, like the style of hand puppets holding the product and photographing this and adding this to the packaging of the product leaving more for idea to grow with using other animals as a series with basic colour palette making it easy on the eye but still effective stand out and make you want to look at the product realising the detail of the imagery being a hand with animal painted on with a more original approach of just rather drawing  a animal up in illustrator.

For the middle image, its branding name is used for the imagery of it packaging with a sun set, leaving a red/yellow sky and a silhouette at the bottom balancing the titles colour and boldness of contrast of the sky's colours.
The logo to it is also quite nice to look at, its really different from the usual crisp logo you may see in super markets; It basically uses standard time new roman font resting above each other with the letter 's' usually being positioned down so that the top of the character is inline with the other characters in the word making it look its suppose to be this way, the solar crossing of the moon and the sun crossing over in a half circle in simple info graphics style portrays itself of it brand in a simple but effective way of communicating its brand to the audience of its brands slogan of which being about natures goodness and promise of a good day. (the moon and the sun in crossing represents the change of day and coming to the closing with the red sky)

The last image uses something simple that could be portrayed boring if done wrong, however this has been done with such creativity and detail the digital art that it looks so realistic and professional with the chocolate heart dripping of the spoon above the logo with the letter 'u' that, it is suppose to look like the its dripping in to the 'u' like a 'tub' thus representing the communication to the audience of what its logo is.
Its background is done with flourishes that are visible but toned to a low opacity, so that its focus is left in the background with the audiences eyes first noticing the foreground, but add style and sophistication and added detail towards what it already represents. which i think is a nice added touch.

I quite like their work and style, this could be something i possibly could look at and  incorporate in to my own work.

Pearl fisher;
award winning, with nomination of nominated for two DBA Design effectiveness awards.
 their approach is:

there three things peal fisher does not do a design team is:      
1.      dont free pitch.
   2.Free exclusivty

3.enethical work.


They seem to work quite closely with typography in their work, judging from what i have in their poftfolio.
they also seem to complete the look of the branding or brand with mainy in illustration with different illustration styles and present a series with their final outcome and use plenty of bright colour as a whole.
they communicate their idea well in to their work, creating strange and wonderful designs.
its poftfolio is actaully similar to 

Its works is quite clean and fresh with original ideas.

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