Monday, 15 November 2010

AD105 Art and Design Development:student union posters

Newcastle college asked our class foundation graphic design students to create a series of poster of 2 out of the 5 subjects given and portray there message in the form of a poster.
the subjects i chosen was 1. students union and xmas celebration and 2. sexual health clinic, which is onsite at the campus and the object is to make these be in the know by creating these posters and because the target audience is the people at college meaning the majority of them being aged 16-25, the design had to have a modern and young feel that would appeal to this target range.
The two posters had to work as a series, so i had to link them together by design.
so for my posters to make them a series,i made them quite illustrative appearing on aw black background, this made the colours and the imagery in the foreground more vibrant and outstanding. 
I also made the info part of the text centrally aligned aswell as using text as imagery in both of the posters to keep consistency to make them look like they belong together as a series.

For my xmas poster i did the text as the xmas lights, this turned out quite well after refinining the illustration so many times to make it look more realistic with adding shades and tones.
i think it turned out quite well just the text is about out of place as not aligned the same as the other text is  a bit big in scale.
so i tweaked this poster and made them changes.

first final, that i went back and tweaked

The finalised tweaked version
now this is how the poster is now, after making the text smaller and aligned centrally and made the college's student union logo blend in by taking the white background off so that it works in to the black background now.
I think makes it more successful as the appearance is less cluttered and looks more well laid out and professional.

This is my sexual health clinic poster, i wanted to take sort of a humorous approach as humour is always successful and appeals to anyone.
so my idea being condoms as lollies and the strap line to the poster being "life is sweet, so keep it that way with your sexual health"and info"sexual health clinic,parsons first floor etc." this reinforces the imagery and gets the main message across about thinking about your sexual health and that you can do this at the college clinic and makes the college's clinic in the know by this, which is what the objective of the poster was, making this successful.
i had incorporated the "sweet" part of the text in to the condom wrapper to act like the logo "durex" making this where you consciously think of the actual durex condom and knowing straight away because of this, that this is a condom, but to make it have a look of a lolly and not just a condom on a stick, i did to look similar to the lollies with the different colours and no design to make it fit in and added bow to the lolly stick, to make it more friendly and appetising looking like some lollies have on them.
Sexual health clinic poster
Over all i think this project has worked out quite well and i have learnt how to make a poster work together as a series as i have not done this before and i had some difficulties using indesign since i have not really used it before but will practice indesign to better myself at this.


  • Strengths - What did I do well?: used my skills in illustrator to illustrate my designs and illustrated them in to more depth and detail than i had ever done before, making the illustration more realistic.
  • Weaknesses - What do I need to improve? Thinking more about the alignment of text in a poster, basically the anarchy and making posters as a series and how i can do this more effectively
  • Opportunities - What do I need to do to build on my strengths and weaknesses?   Think how i can make a series of posters work more effectively together, i.e same colours, same alignment of text  (the anarchy) etc. get reference or look at series poster designs more careful and think how i can use this to incorporate in to my own series poster designs.
  • Threat - What could stop me achieving my goals? If i don't think about my weaknesses and the opportunities to improve on them.


  •    Specific - Well defined: i want to improve my indesign skills as of difficulty i had faced using indesign in this project.
  • Measurable - Know when it has been achieved:  It will be measurable by the success of my next project as I plan to use indesign
  •    Achievable – Are the goals achievable: It will be achievable if I use my self directed study time and If I attend my IT sessions. 
  • Realistic - Within the availability of resources, knowledge and time: 
  • i will in my spare time at home use indesign to practice and get use to the interface and if i have any finals use these to compile final designs in the programme to help practice and get use to using indesign with more ease .
  •  Time Based - Enough time to achieve the goal: I will monitor this by next 2 projects. this will roughly be 2 months, enough time attain my target.

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