Wednesday, 10 November 2010

AD103 task 3:Review a branding book.

The book i have chosen to review is on Branding; called cool brands 2007/2008: an insight in to some of Britain's coolest Brands.

Looking at this book's cover, straight away i can see that,it is quite striking with its,clean,minimal colour pallette that makes it stand out affectively.
The style is done in the same kind of style as sci- scott's work but uses a build up of words (with the companies names) inside each of the characters for each word unlike sci-scotts work the inside of the characters are with intricate patterns and swirls or even left as a solid blank character with just the swirls coming off.
this style is quite a trend in the fashion, that is used constantly.

Example of sci-scotts work, "The heart of design still beats"

For the inside of this book, it carries its theme on from the front cover with the sci-scott look and use of block bold colours, which is mainly most made use of at the beginning of the book.

It looks in to each brand, giving the history and background of how the brand had started and how the brand is today standing the test of time and how the product for brand has been developed to better itself, the obstacles it may have been confronted with, branding of its sales figures being mentioned briefly.

One page from the book that gives a sample of it doing this, and  the other pages are done the same.

Its information on the brand is consistently focused on that particular brand for that page spread,but changes on to a different one on the next page spread, this is carried on through the whole book. 
The book is written quite factual manner, giving Dates of events happening in the brands life,  
so that it gives a detailed insight in to the brand and look at other brands in this book and we can see the different ways they have rose to fame and how they are present to the customers.

I think this is a good book to give inspiration on branding, i can see what has made them successful as they are and how they have accomplished this. and learn by this in to helping generate my own ideas for my own branding if i needed to do so and would recommend others do so as well if needed to for branding and needed inspiration aswell.

[Book rating out of 5 being highest ] 
[* * * * * 5+stars]

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