Thursday, 16 December 2010

change the thought design

This is a website that i had come across whilst browsing.
It offers alot style and designs each diffrent and unqiue, but change the thought is a design company that particularly that cathes my eyes and is quite attractive as i look through their work i find them that quite inspiring and i know that this will be a great site to look at because of all the broad styles its has to help me if ever in need of inspiration or ideas.

they stand out and make a eye catching feature with the designs being quite diffrent and unique with a modern twist.
looking at these i can think about these elements of design in my work, trying out diffrent styles trying out something new like 'change the though' have done.

the colour palettes are bright bold and beautiful with endless unique possibilities of outcomes they create, they never fail.
Here are some examples of their work.
passion pit

Experimental college works

similar to 3d art with the style used with the blue and red, typographic and symbolic illustration.

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