Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My Top Ten Fonts

My top ten favorite fonts 
i will review each of my ten favourites.

why i like the font [&&.]
the usability of the font.

one. Callie Hand by Callie Renee Kaiser

callie hand has a nice soft free flow style that i like, 
the characters being curved make it have a feminine  feel.
I think this font would be suitable with other fonts that are simple 
like times or tieing in with similar fonts alike this. 
its mainly suitable for decor and maybe sub headers but for lines of 
text this may be too much for the eye or not all to clear.

Two. USIS 1949 by Lukas Krakora

I like how this font has actually been based on real type when
 they used typewriters on American documents in the 1940's, 
this gives a true authentic typewriter feel, this suits its suitability
as when used it automatic gives this feel and would work well textures,
like ageing paper etc.

Three. Capture it by Magique Fonts

This font won the Best Overall Font 2008 award.(by Fontologist's Society)

I like this font how bold and outstanding it is that it automatically grabs your attention 
and cant be mistaken when read at a distance.
This type of font would work great for making a statement or a sign
(depending on the what the sign is for etc.)
It would be perfect for a stamp or branding.

four. Century Gothic Regular Font by Sol Hess


i like how this font has been developed for print in the 1950's and how 
it still looks modern today with the round sans serif characters,
proving true outstanding typography design it can be used on all 
aspects of print being clear and legible when applied to 
just about anything.

five. Fangtasia by SpideRaY

I like this font, its taken from the logo of the bar from the tv programme
 'true blood' it has a quirky bold sans serif, that has a hand written look that stands out 
and is quite unique font.
The usability of this font would suit for display and headline.

six. Special Type by Gisela Caruso

i like how this font has the characters as serif font which makes the ornate to 
the design of the characters work with the swirls that make this elegant,
modern and quite in the current trend.
The usage of this font would only suit as brand name,
sign or display being more of a display font being so detailed/intricate,
it would have to be used at a certain point size to appreciate the font
as it would not be liable as a everyday used font to write in.

seven. Black Jack by Typadelic

what i like about this font is that it has a real happy,springy, 
rounded handwritten feel to it characters that makes this font diffrent and unique. 
This gives off a feminine outlook because of the shape of the characters and its style.
it would be usable in terms of a display font and would work in to many categories
 for what it could be used with when choosing this font to design with but will only be 
suitable to used as far as being a decor font.

eight. Sweet Confusion by Vinz

i like this font because its quite modern and seeminly this style is trending alot as i see it 
used all the time, simple font but the corner shapes to the font gives it character.
i think the usability would suit signs,logos, highlight of a text in a magazine.

nine.RetroVille NC by Jayvee D. Enaguas

i like how retro and raw this font is, it really feel like its taken out of the 1980's.
i think this could be used on retro designs like posters, gaming covers. 
This could be used for either decor/display or short text paragraph. 

ten. Edo SZ by Vic Fieger 

i like how this font has a quirky paint brush feel, 
how rough and raw it looks that it gives a grungy feel.
Its relatively similar to the font used for louis vitton's monogram 'graffiti' design.
I think it would work against a very simple white background grungy poster or 
for a brand something where only a little amount of this font will be required as 
it is more of a display/decor type.

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