Tuesday, 4 January 2011

exquisite corpse exhibition

'Exquisite Corpse takes it's inspiration from the surrealist parlour game of the same name, a visual game of Chinese whispers, where an image is created by a series of artists each creating a part of the overall artwork.'

The exhibition brings together an international group of designers and illustrators who have had their visual conversations brought to live in a large scale graphical installation.

Exquisite Corpse has been curated by Newcastle based design studioSUMO.'

Close up of lizard illustration  from above this image,
showing the intricate detail
It featured a variety of artists work, that showed many illustrative styles and ideas, each different to each piece exhibited.
The idea of the work being like chinese whispers is a unique concept and creating a outcome of interesting and very diffrent pieces of illustration for each time it changed over.

looking at some the illustrations, i was particularly impressed with the lizard as how much detail has went in to its creation, using many rounded corner rectangles and low opacity to work the shapes underneath in and create this amazing outcome.

The other pieces where very or a bit more simpler in detail with block colours or uses black to set the image off in the foreground.
 majority of them being vector graphics with only a few having a more raw hand drawn feel

what i mainly like about this exhibition the most is not what was featured but the design of the flyer, it had me intrigued, being folded in a certain way to reveal the image shown on the front change when opened, following its chinese whisper theme to the exhibition.
i would to do something similar in the future when designing a flyer to have this same kind of design  .

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