Saturday, 1 January 2011

Adam and eve.

adam and eve are a company based in london, they are a young communications agency, made up from advertising, comms planing, digital,events and design.
They have worked with clients producing some very well known works like John lewis,cadburys chocolate finger  and more.

Examples of their work

allinson flour, press advert to promote its product, saying the message that it is pure and made fresh, straight from mother nature as of the nature patterns and shapes, shaped in the flour that has poured out of the bag.

The bus stop with the fosters, to promote it current advertising campaign with "brad and dan" by carrying the log cabin look that where in, in their advert, adam and eve have carried this on by converting the bus stop in to the look of the log cabin, from the floor to the roof.

this shows design is endless, you can use an everyday item and turn it in something else and out of the ordinary that captures the attention the design work is craving.
this shows to be spontaneous and do things differently from times you would normally can have a positive affect on your work and make it more interesting.
this is something to think about in future projects.

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