Wednesday, 4 May 2011

graffitti eyes:ideas & development

so doing the idea the eyes in a illustrated look with bright and vibrand, wild look on the eyes, following the same style abaigail uses, i tried pastel but it didnt have the same affect or look that it had, when i tried it with watercolour pencils and waterolours.

here are a few examples of my ideas.

rough sketches thinking about how i can go about it, drawing eyes and facial features with how the text go in with the idea. best fitting to be underneath the drawing.

found some images of eyes and took these to a light box to draw the outline of eyes

using this i started colour in the rest of the image and adding water to the watercolour pencils that was used to colour, which starts to blends the colour in together.

i tried hand writting the type but it was not standing out much aswell as not looking much of a logo. i tried handwritting custom looks for the font but still find it not working out, so i will just use the eyes and scan this in and add the text on underneath the illustration.

this will be masked to cut out the image to perfection with the edges and etc tidyed up to be ready to be paired with text.

image scanned and cleaned up with the text applied, trying out fonts, colour pallette and layout

colours are picked out from the colours used on the illustration to make it fitting and have it look together, as part of the logo setting it off.

here i look at diffrent fonts and find the fonts that have a flick or loose hand written appearance work best as it follows the same style/look the illustration has.

size restraints:we can how effective the outcome the logo will be as an important factor of how well the logo works when scaled up or down.
example of the logo being scaled.
looking at this image, i would say it works at any scale really.

final logo 

and final stationary set

 letter head as as above and business card and
 compliment as seen below. 

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